Beard Grooming Kit Review 2020

Beard Grooming Kit Review 2020

What is the best beard grooming kit? To answer this is a great undertaking. For starters, when addressing this, we are going to speak in a tone of “in general.” The reason for this is because each person’s skin is unique and some products may work for some but not all.

For beginners, according to Matthew Woodward and Nick Benson, founders of Gentleman’s Brand Co. and experts on skin care, always recommend to keep the skin hydrated.

Knowing this, it is a good idea to take a moment to complete a thorough best beard grooming kit review. This is what I will assist you with by providing 5 options for strong consideration.

According to the founder of Beardbrand, Eric Bandholz , he says, “the shaving fad is ending now….” With growing beards gaining more and more momentum with a younger following, there has to be more skin and facial care techniques to be taught to men.

With techniques needed to teach the proper hydration and cutting-edge product “availabilities”, there has to be more education put into learning about shaving gels and creams, per Keston Muijs, one of Grown Alchemist’s co-founders.

There are several ridiculously low-quality products on the market that are more hype than effective. How many of us who have dry skin listen to those who are not addressing our needs that promote products that are detrimental to our skin type?

One of the foremost authorities on skin care, DPBM founder David Pirrotta, suggests that men should find some products that will arouse hair stimulation which inevitably leads to growth.

This is excellent for the development of a quality beard, and with the breakthrough of all of the new modernized products entering into the marketplace, it is just a matter of time before the perfection of a beard becomes more popular than the old-school bald head.

Even for men, it would be wise to apply skin care treatments of some sort each evening, so says Francesca Fusco, dermatologist.

Young and old alike are now asking the question, how do you use a beard grooming kit? Millennials are more inclined to view YouTube versus really going to someone that really knows to talk them through the process.

It would be of great benefit to determine what the best beard grooming kit is for you and what it includes. These are very valid concerns. There are a lot of men who have no clue as to where to begin, so by the time you finish reading this article, the wish is that you are more advanced in your knowledge.

Here, we will introduce you to the various higher quality combinations of products and the brands that are out there, so if you are serious about your beard, keep reading.

Best Beard Grooming Kit Review

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set

The foundation of this high-quality set was created by a strong and established brand known as Seven Potions. Seven Potions, the brand, was created in 2014 after many tests of the various formulations that were prevalent in the market.

They were not pleased with the quality of products available for men’s grooming, so they were out to provide a first-class grooming kit that would provide pristine beard premium nutrients that would hydrate and provide the appearance of a healthy well-kept beard.

In short, Seven Potions wants each man to confidently approach each morning knowing that after using their products, his appearance would yield the internal strength of a well-groomed man.

Now, the Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set comes with a Beard Brush, Beard Wax, and a Beard Shampoo. The Beard Wax (Oil) includes the essential oils of Jojoba, Apricot kernel, Crambe seed, and Sweet Almond. These oils are combined with others to soften the beard and to moisturize the face.

The Beard Shampoo is designed to cleanse with a fine mixture that will offer a pleasant fragrance without exception.

The Beard Brush is 100% boar bristle which is excellent for both stubborn and soft beards.


• Contains organic ingredients
• Wax and containers are packaged in large containers
• Excellent for personal use and outstanding as a gift


• Additional oil may be required on tougher beards
• No comb


This is consistently viewed as a top beard grooming kit. It well valued and with the size of the containers that the wax and shampoo come in, the product should last a long time.

Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set

This set is specifically designed for the cleanliness of the beard and not necessarily for beard development. However, it is an excellent kit nonetheless.

The focus of this kit is designed to be more of an attraction for the opposite sex, taking you into the arms of the lovable lady in your life. Size of the bottles are excellent as there should not be a reorder any time soon.

This kit arrives with two different fragrances of shampoos: Wild Berry Ultra Shampoo and Cantaloupe Ultra Shampoo. Both shampoos are expressly designed for not only beards but also mustaches.

The conditioner has garnered a reputation for leaving a soft and smooth feeling beard along with nicely hydrated skin.


• 2 shampoos
• Amount of product in each bottle
• You will look, feel, and smell awesome


• Neither a comb nor a brush


This beard groom kit is a little costly, but you will get your longevity before a necessary repurchase due to the amount of product that comes in both fragrantly pleasant shampoo bottles. You will look and feel fresh confidently knowing that Beardsley has put together an outstanding kit.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men

How do you use a beard grooming kit? Zeus takes great pride in answering this question. With their philosophy being that a “masculinely” manicured beard being priority, and the utilization of their products being key, you cannot go wrong with achieving a high-end power appearance.

This kit is as inclusive of all products as any other beard grooming kit. This complete kit has a shampoo and conditioner, hydrating oil, 100% Boar Bristle Palm Brush, and a carrying case to house all of the products.

Zeus’ shampoo is full of antioxidants and has garnered a reputation for being available for different skin types, yes even sensitive skin. The major ingredient is Dragon’s Blood that is specifically designed to reduces skin inflammation. It also contains green tea which reinforces the beard providing a nice luster.

Zeus’ kit contains an outstanding conditioner that prevents split ends.

One of the strongest beard oils on the market. It comes in 3 fragrances and has a tremendous reputation for preventing beardruff fragments. It does not have an overwhelming scent, it is very light and pleasant.


• Excellently priced
• 3 scent options for the beard oil
• Will keep your beard strong in stature
• The shampoo fragrance is excellent


• No comb
• Bag may be a little dusty


Must buy!

Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard Care Kit

The Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard Care Kit has adopted a little bit of a French flavor. With its products arriving in an old school cigar box, it has the characteristics of maturity and elegance.

The products do not contain any dyes or toxins, and to its credit, there is no animal testing associated with it.

Their beard soap is made by the human hand with beer and shea butter. The shampoo is known for its excellent lather and smell. The antioxidant Tocopherol, which is infused into the beard oil, yields high performance absorption that is second to none.


• The brand’s personality is in each product
• High quality ingredients
• Tocopherol


• Minimal at best


This is one of the most elegant kits on earth. It is a serious option to consider.

Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand

This brand might mislead the average beard grower. The name is indicative of a rugged style and “outdoorsy” man; however, it has the performance of a top-notch product.

Although it may not be the top choice for beard enthusiasts, it definitely is a quality product that is much easier on the wallet than some of our previously discussed options.
The ingredients in each product is beautifully mixed with a scent that is forgiving but one that a man likes.


• The products are upper echelon
• Ingredients are definitely high end


• The brush is less than stellar
• Smaller than normal product sizes


The price is budget friendly to say that you are getting a nice and soft beard that has a pleasant fragrance. Strongly consider.

Grave Before You Shave Beard Care Pack

The brand makers are known for their emphasis on quality. Although it is a highly recommended product, it is one of the less popular high-quality brands. The products reduce frizz associated with some beards.


• Two scents available for the beard oil
• Beard soap
• The beard comb is in the design of a switchblade.


• The name, enough said
• No type of balm or oil


This product has a strong following due to its known reputation for quality. Remember, the choice of two scents for the beard oil is a big plus.

It is time to address the question that we began with: What is the best beard grooming kit out there? The wish is that after a solid introduction to the various but top-rated brands and products that are currently available, you have a base of knowledge to begin your quest for the best product for you.

After reviewing the products, we have identified some major items for you that should be consistent as a basis for your beard purchase decision.

The first thing to recommend is to properly identify your skin type. Whether your beard is coarse or not has little to do with your skin.

If you have dry skin, it is wise to seek only those products that can penetrate deep below the surface of the beard that will assist the skin in staying hydrated. According to Dendy Engelman, dermatologist, a mist may be used.

Who would want dry and itchy skin? It will be very uncomfortable for you if you are constantly scratching or rubbing the skin to ease the discomfort. An issue like this may lead to you wanting to give up on the beard growing project and go back to being clean cut.

Ensure that the fragrances match your taste. It makes absolutely no sense to purchase a product that is highly related but whose smell turns your stomach upside down. How unpleasant is that?

You should always be wary of what comes inside of the kit. You always want a kit with shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, and brush. Although some kits do not offer combs, there are many that do.

Remember to take into account a routine that fits you, says Joshua Zeichner, Dermatologist.

Do not be afraid of additional gels to prepare the beard, suggests Shari Marchbein, Dermatologist.

View the ratings. The ratings can carry some great insight as the reviewers are for the most part honest in their convictions. I have seen many reviews that were flat out brutal. While it may be extreme to post negative thoughts of that magnitude, it is just as important to look for the consistency of positive reviews.

There are many options available to you, so take your time and do some personal analysis. Talk to friends and family, and if you really want to know the truth, ask strangers. Strangers, with the caveat of them being fellow beard growers, will be honest in their revelations.

It is incumbent upon you to heed various opinions whether you are in agreement or not. Do not pass judgement when conducting your research. Fact finding is priority. Typically, you will begin to hear the same bit of advice or even product recommendations from those whose beards that are admirable.

Before I go, to assist you in your beard growing evolution, take a peek at this video, Beard Tips for Beginners. This will assist you in getting started.